2013 National League Predictions

With the American League taken care of, let’s look at the Senior Circuit and what fans of double switches and sacrifice bunts have to look forward to in 2013. Continue reading

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2013 American League Predictions

Last year I had the time to cover each division individually, but time is short for 2013, so let’s I’m breaking it down into one post per league. Here are my predictions for the upcoming 2013 American League.  Continue reading

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World Baseball Classic: Americans Just Don’t Understand

Team USA makes its World Baseball Classic debut today and is set to finally get a taste the international play that the baseball playing world has been experiencing for approximately a week now. Still, in the United States, interest in the tournament is lukewarm at best. Analysts will point out the flaws of the tournament and the top American players choose to skip the chance to represent their country in order to play for their Major League squads in Spring Training. Unfortunately, that means the United States may be left in the cold as the World Baseball Classic drama unfolds.  Continue reading

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Why I Wouldn’t Vote For Mark McGwire

The Baseball Writers Association of America is all set to vote on a slew of steroid era players and will certainly cause quite a debate. Bonds, Clemens, Palmeiro and Mark McGwire lead the way on the ballots. All were considered surefire Hall of Famers during their careers but the cloud of steroid use has tainted that. Some refuse to vote for any suspected steroid users. Others will only consider their careers prior to suspected PED abuse. For me, if I had a vote, I know one vote I’d make regardless of steroid accusations or not. Mark McGwire is not a Hall of Famer.  Continue reading

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My Voting Guide For the 2012 Elections

There’s a lot on the line this election. There is always a lot on the line when elections take place. For those who are uncertain of what to do in the polling booth tomorrow, here’s my ballot and why I chose to vote the way I did. Continue reading

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Giants Playoff Rosterbation

The Giants are heading into the playoffs and there are still many questions about how this team will look once the games start on Saturday. The NLDS begins before the first pitch though as roster and rotation decisions still need to be made.  Continue reading

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Wild Finish Set For Baseball’s Last Day

Last year we wondered if we’d ever have a final day of the season as exciting as the one we had just witnessed.  Thanks to the new format, I’d argue this year’s final day is more exciting.  Continue reading

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The Strasburg Solutuion in Hindsight

I shared my thoughts on shutting down Stephen Strasburg already, but identifying a problem without a solution is easy to do. So Let’s assume for a minute that Strasburg’s innings did need to be limited. Let’s assume the Nationals have sound reasoning for making that decision and no matter what, Mr Strasburg would have to be limited over the course of the season based on innings alone. Here are a few ways in which we may have been able to see a little more Strasburg.  Continue reading

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Why the Nationals Should Be Ashamed of Themselves If They Shut Down Strasburg

With September approaching quickly, the focus of the baseball world is on the pennant races and one especially gifted right arm belonging to Stephen Strasburg.  While we should be discussing the potential of this young superstar to win a Cy Young with a dominant September, instead the debate is around how much he should pitch and when the Nationals  will prematurely end his season with an eye on his future in mind. Even the idea of shutting down the ace pitcher on the best team in the National league should sicken not only Nationals fans but fans of baseball in general.  Continue reading

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Giants need to think out of the box to score more runs

No one has ever accused the Giants of being a Sabermetrics-heavy team. From Dusty Baker, to Moises Alou and now Bruce Bochy, managers have built their lineups with an old school approach. Yet it seems that every year since Bonds stopped patrolling left field, the Giants have had trouble scoring runs. While that hasn’t prevented a World Series Championship from coming to town, it could pose problems in 2012. The trading deadline has passed, so where can the fix come from? I think it lies in their own lineup.  Continue reading

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